This is the first part of the art section on my site.

this section is filled with drawings and illustrations I've through out the years.

click on pictures to see larger image



for some reason I've always had a knack for this kind of art, it really helps me relax.

this first section are some examples of my dot work





this was done while working at the hotel in Houston, TX over the Christmas holidays i did this picture in less then a month and it measures out 30 inches tall by 20 inches wide.

the way this one go its name is a buddy of mine saw it and said "That's Allot of fucking dots" and the rest is history.

there are about 15 of these floating around but only one original that my brother in law has hanging in his room in TX.

if you look there are lots of hidden pictures in allot of my art.

One of my favorite bands is 311 and this is a peice i spent the good part of 3 yrs doing.

the only reason i stopped where i did was because i had all my pens that i using for it stolen while working in a hotel in Tucson, AZ.

the main picture was signed by the band then i went over the signatures with glossy metallic ink.

this measures 30 inches wide by 20 inches tall.

Ads and Posters

EPA ad i did for a class in college.
for this project we where asked to pull someone out of the phone book and create a ad.

i did this for a competition at a local skate park i went to allot in LA area.


this almost ended up a t shirt for a local tattoo shop.


below this is a CD set up i helped some friends do in Tucson, AZ.

and to the bottom right is a card i did for my buddy Lil John for his portfolio

Touch ups

photoshop touch ups

some photos i fixed up for family.

311 art

This is various art peices ive done in the past years with the 311 theme.

And even more art

college project where i had to represent the year with the font and colors.