This is the T shirt section of the site.

these are t shirts I've designed while working at my

present job as a graphic designer at Rainbow sports and printing.


most of this is art thrown together with clip art but i still thought it was worth

putting on the site till I get some better designs.

click on pictures to see larger picture

this first series of pictures in a personal project I'm working on "tiki shirt"


Shirts done for work

Some I did for Bowling Green parks and Rec.

These all went to print.

this one did not go to print but I still like it.

these where just a taste of what i've done for them.

we do about 6 shirts a season for both volleyball and basketball.

Champion is separated because only some of the shirts get the word and the screen printer likes it easy to tape off.

Warren County Girls Softball

more to come im looking for a jersey templete for my site.